Sota Fukushi to Star in Tabineko Report Live Action Film

Sota Fukushi (Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze) will star in the upcoming live-action film of Tabineko Report. Tabineko Report is based off a light novel by Hiro Arikawa, which has sold over 400,000 copies as of March 6th.

Fukushi will star as the lead character, Satoru. Satoru and his cat Nana go on a journey throughout Japan to find a new owner. He visits important people in his life, such as friends and past lovers, reliving old bonds.

Having previously read the novel, Fukushi said “I thought it was a gentle story with several hidden secrets. It made me cherish time and my surroundings. I wanted to play Satoru.”

Fukushi also stated “This is my first time to star with a cat in a play. At first, I was a little excited to be so close to a cat. But Nana is a naughty, cute, and funny cat. I’m happily taking pictures of her every day.”

Koichiro Miki will be directing the film. When speaking about Fukushi in the starring role, he stated “I think he is the perfect image of Satoru. He is gentle, generous, and strong. I think it will further his current charm.”

Tabineko Report is scheduled to release in 2018.

Article Sources: Oricon, Eiga

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