Ryosuke Yamamoto Continues Intense Exercise in Newest Nike Training Series Blog

In this update posted on March 7, 2017, Ryosuke Yamamoto (Makoto Fukami/Kamen Rider Specter of Kamen Rider Ghost) continues his training with Watanabe at the B.E.A.T. Sports Gym in Tokyo, Minato-ku.

Yamamoto checks in on his results since starting training four months ago. First, he starts with his physical measurements.

Current Measurements:
Body Weight: 57.45 kg
Body Fat Rate: 9.4%
BMI: 16.4

His weight increased by 0.5 kg because of increased muscle mass. But, his body fat percentage has fallen.

Yamamoto looks at his abs.

Watanabe commented that his back and pectoral muscles have improved.

He hoped to be able to look stylish in clothing. He compares his older blog photo (left) to his current photo (right).

Yamamoto states how he’s thankful for Trainer Watanabe and the Nike Training app. But he hopes to keep his training.

Watanabe helps Yamamoto complete a more complex push-up called the “Yoga Push-Up”.

Yamamoto is wearing the Nike Metcon 3 sneakers with the Nike Zoned Shirt in blue.

Yamamoto concluded his blog, stating: “Thank you very much to all the Mens Nonno readers who followed the series! Let’s keep working hard so we’ll look good in our clothes! (^ ^)”

Article Series: Ryosuke Yamamoto x Nike Training Series
Article Sources: Mens Nonno

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