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Call from Kamen Rider Den-O Star Surprises All at Cast Talk


The cast and audience appearing at the Kamen Rider Den-O cast talk featuring Yuichi Nakamura (Kamen Rider Zeronos/Yuuto Sakurai), Wakana Matsumoto (Airi Nogami), and Rina Akiyama (Naomi), script writer Yasuko Kobayashi, and Producer Shinichiro Shirakura received a surprise.

The cast talk was the first appearance after the birth of Akiyama’s first child in February 2016. Akiyama discussed her first impressions of Sato “I was shocked because he was younger than me and weaker. In the show, various Imagin took over his body. When I look back at it 10 years ago, I feel deep emotion. Kamen Rider is still a masterpiece to me, and now I have a son, so I want to show him Den-O. Without Den-O, I would not have had entertainment in my life.”

Takeru Satoh, who played the lead character Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O, called Nakamura. Nakamura played Satoh’s call to the audience, “I knew about this event a week ago, and that everyone would come out to attend it, so that’s why I feel lonely that. Happy birthday, Wakana , and congratulations Rina, on your marriage.”

Satoh continued on “It’s been ten years since Den-O aired, but thank you to everyone who gathered for the event. I’ll be happy if you continue to like Den-O.” To his co-stars he said “Please call me afterward!” and was met with applause from the audience.

Nakamura stated that he talked to Satoh over the phone before the event. Satoh was apologetic that he was not able to attend and perform.

“He is everyone’s Ryotaro, and I think he’ll always be a hero to everyone, forever. I was very happy that I commemorate the 10th anniversary with Satoh’s words.” Nakamura said, with tears.

The cast talk was held on February 23, 2017 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Kamen Rider Den-O. The movie Kamen Rider Den-O: I’m Born! (2007) aired as a special screening. This special event will be part of the upcoming Kamen Rider Den-O Box Set.

Article Sources: Livedoor, Nifty, Daily Sports News, Eiga

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