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Ryosuke Miura and Taiki Naitou Starring in Fantasy Suite Volume 14


Fantasy Suite Volume 14 “Please Take Care of the Darkness” will be held at the Tokyo Art Theater East from Thursday, February 16, 2017 to Sunday, February 19, 2017. So far in the fantasy suite, a dark fantasy that draws in a reality like a girl’s anime has been created, but will change in this volume.

“Please Take Care of the Darkness” will tell the dark story of a male who is kept confined in a room. Darkness spreads within the room, keeping the male under a state of fear.

“The boy woke up and was puzzled.
Because the smell and the air were clearly different from his bedroom.
I look around, but I cannot see anything.
Only the spreading darkness.
Then, the voice of a man came from nearby.

The man looked down at the bow.
Imagine what you will do to him from now on.
Why? For what?
The boy woke up before answering.
The man whispered
“I will begin your lesson now”

Ryosuke Miura (Anhk in Kamen Rider OOO), Taiki Naitou (Takumi-Kun Series) and Hosaka, the screenplay director were interviewed about their performance by Enterstage.

In this play, I heard that “fear” will be the theme of the fantasy suite.

Hosaka: Until last year, I was only creating for entertainment. I felt that there was not much difference between “laughing” and “screaming” by customers. I thought that this time, I would try to take out the viewer’s hearts.

“Darkness” is a vague word, but it can spread everwhere. As a dramatic gimmick, “darkness” in a story can spread out among viewers, and they create their own ideas of what it is. So, I wanted viewers to interpret this harsh “darkness”, and limit the play to three characters.

Please tell me your impressions when you read the screenplay.

Miura: First, I thought it was a serious story. I was overwhelmed by the sensitivity in Hosaka, who likes stories of gentleness, weakness and kindness within humans. I don’t want to see human darkness, but if I see part of it, then it will make me more interested in that person. That “darkness” can also be a fascinating thing. However, being face-to-face with “darkness” is not something most ordinary people can achieve, but Hosaka made it possible.

Naitou: As a read it, I could steadily imagine it. Tokyo Art Theater East often shows plays similar to this, so I thought it would be the perfect theater. Then, I learned more as I role played: the fear of “death” while one is living. But when you watch the news, you see people are expossed to the risk of unexpected death everyday. Japan is a very peaceful country, so I thought “death” wouldn’t really happen like that here, but I had to think of the psychology of a “boy”.

Miura’s acting role of “man” is to plant the fear of violence within the “boy”

Miura: That’s right. Because I have a deep darkness within myself, I think that only a crazy person could be excited by hurting people. But the more I imagined the person I played, I felt that I was the most human among the three people that appeared.

Until now, due to my appearance, I often played a victim. But this time, it’s a role that hurts others, so when I thought about it again, I found that it took considerable mental power to mentally and physically hurt someone.

It seems the role played by Naitou will be both mentally and physically exhausting

Naito: The more I grow up, the less I will be hut. When I was young, I also encountered some violence. So, I can’t imagine what will happen stage.

Miura will also be consumed in practive, too.

Miura: Well, I can go home and drink good alcohol. The harder I practice, the more I can relax. It’s enjoying.

Hosaka: It’s important to be able to switch the mind. This is a mentally exhausting works, and if you confuse your role and your real life, you will lose yourself. It’s important for an actor to understand their role, but they must remain objective until the end.

Since this work is focused on “fear”, please tell me something you think is terribly frightening.

Naitou: Big guys are scary.
Hosaka: What? (laughs)
Naitou: Because I can’t win.
Hosaka: You think a big guy is always ready to fight? (laughs)
Naitou: No! I don’t have any intention on fighting. I’m just afraid of the pain.
Hosaka: I understand (laugh). You’re imagining the possible pain, and the wait is the scariest part.
Miura: I fear waiting. For example, I’m scared of the time before my first meeting or reading. I have no idea if I will do well. And also… I’m scared of myself lately (laughs)

What do you mean?

Miura: I just like alcohol so much.
(Everyone laughs)
Miura: I get drunk, then I go to bed and think “I won’t drink anymore”, then the next day I drink again (laugh)

Does the atmosphere change when you’re drinking?

Miura: I feel better (laughs)
Hosaka: OK, let’s put sake in the rehearsal place!

What is Hosaka’s fear?

Hosaka: I’m really scared of people with a good personality. Having a good personality is impressive, but I’m interested in their background. What is the purpose of their good personality? I’m afraid because they may not have good intentions.

In closing, please tell me why you’re enthusiastic about this work.

Miura: This time, I want to interact with Hosaka. I have appeared in theatrical work before, I haven’t been lazy, but I often regret it later. This time, I’m thinking I want to be more useful and be a “dramatic” human being. After that, I want the viewer to feel charmed by my performance.

Naitou: When I was a Junior High School student, the movie “Battle Royale” was popular, but I was also addicted to it. I wanted to one day do similar work. I was accepted into this role, and I felt the same excitement. I am very happy to perform. However, I feel the pressure. I want to give a spirited performance!

Hosaka: Please look at the darkness. Depending on the mental state of the viewer, some scenes you might want to look away from. But if you endure it, you will see the light in the darkness. I want delivery something that is “good to watch”. I am waiting for you at the theater!

Performance information:
Title: Fantasy Suite Volume 14 “Please Take Care of the Darkness”
Venue: Tokyo Art Theater East
Dates: Thursday, February 16, 2017 to Sunday, February 19, 2017
Performers: Ryosuke Miura, Taiki Naitou, Yorie Yamashita

Article Sources: Enterstage Interview, Drama InformationKumikyoku Twitter

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