Mugen no Juunin Live Action Cast Holds Press Release Meeting

A press release meeting for the live action film Mugen no Juunin was held in the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo on February 15, 2017.

Mugen no Juunin is directed by Takashi Miike and will be released on April 29. It is based off of the popular manga series by Hiroaki Samura that has sold over 7.5 million copes.

Samura stood on stage and said “I am happy to be able to stand in front of you as a member of the Miike group.”

He also stated “This is a Japanese historical drama, but the shooting location was in Kyoto. It felt like an illusion, like you are participating overseas. Miike pushed himself at the shooting, and was on the scene with crutches. No matter what happens, I was motivated to move forward.”

Sota Fukushi (Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze) discussed his role as the antagonist Kagehisa Anotsu.

Anotsu is the leader of the swordmen group, Itto-ryu. He is a handsome figure with overwhelming strength, followed by the strongest swordsmen in Japan that “only have a purpose for winning”.

Although Fukushi often portrays young men, this is his first role as a villain. Fukushi said, “Although Anotsu is portrayed as evil in the work, I don’t think he is evil. He may be evil to others, but I just portrayed him to the best of my ability.”

Anotsu’s weapon is not a sword, but a sickle-shaped axe, so Fukushi did not have ample opportuity to practice. Samura still felt impressed by the portrayal of the weapons during the film.

Mugen no Juunin
is a 30 volume manga series by Hiroaki Samura. The series is set during the mid-Tokugawa Shogunate period in Japan. The series follows Manji, an immortal samurai kept alive by keseen-chu (sacred bloodworms). After killing 100 samurai, he was outlawed and hunted. After the death of a loved one, he made a deal with the 800 year old nun, Yaobikuni, that he would make amends with the killings by killing 1000 evil men. Then, he will be able to become mortal once again.

Main Cast:
Directed By: Takashi Miike
Manji: Takuya Kimura
Rin Asano: Hana Sugisaki
Kagehisa Anotsu: Sota Fukushi (Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze)
Makie Otonotachibana: Erika Toda
Taito Magatsu: Shinnosuke Mitsushima
Hyakurin: Chiaki Kuriyama
Shira: Hayato Ichihara
Eiku Shizuma: Ebizou Ichikawa
Kensui Ibane: Tsutomu Yamazaki
Habaki Kagimura: Min Tanaka
Sabato Kuroi: Kazuki Kitamura

Official Website: Mugen no Juunin
Article Sources: WalkerPlus, MyNavi, and Modelpress

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