Kamen Rider Den-O Blu-Ray to include Zeronos, Airi and Naomi Cast Talk

Yuichi Nakamura (Kamen Rider Zeronos/Yuuto Sakurai), Wakana Matsumoto (Airi Nogami), and Rina Akiyama (Naomi) have joined script writer Yasuko Kobayashi and Producer Shinichiro Shirakura for a cast talk.

The talk show will be held on February 23, 2017 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Kamen Rider Den-O. The movie Kamen Rider Den-O: I’m Born! (2007) will air as a special screening.

Yuichi Nakamura played a key part of the story as Yuuto Sakurai. Time train Denliner cabin attendant Naomi (Rina Akiyama) assisted the lead character, Ryotaro Nogami (Takeru Satoh). Wakana Matsumoto also starred as Nogami’s sister, Airi.

Kamen Rider Den-O involves fighting mighty enemies who want to rule time. Den-O, the weakest Kamen Rider in history, has to protect history. Den-O has stories that can also be enjoyed by adults, due to its unfortunate hero, train motifs, and cast of popular voice actors. All of this has helped Den-O become one of the most popular Kamen Rider series.

The release date schedule is as follows:
BOX 1 (Episodes 1-18) will be released on May 10, 2017
BOX 2 (Episodes 19-36) will also include a cast talk to be filmed in July 12, 2017
BOX 3 (Episodes 37-49) will be released on September 13, 2017.

Each blu-ray set will cost 19,800 yen (plus tax).

Official Website: TOEI

Article Sources: Cinema Today and TV Life

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